About Crowning Touch Embroidery

What started out as an idea for a little commercial embroidery shop has, after ten years, turned into a great local business with customers from across the country and production from one to hundreds of pieces at a time.

Little did I know when I left my security of accounting and management behind the desks of some large local companies how much I would enjoy working with production on machines, moving around on my feet most of the day, helping customers decide what would work best for their needs, and making decisions about stock goods and designs. Wow! I took off extra pounds, sharpened my buying skills, got reacquainted with some old friends, and made some very good new friends in the process. And my workers have been great. I’ve got one almost full-time person and a handful of part-time assistants I can call on as the need arises. This past holiday season was one for the record books, and all hands were called in at least twice during the two-month work load.

Our goal has always been to do the best quality work for our customers at a price they can afford, and it has paid off with the many referrals we get from our customers and others who know our work. We treat our customers as friends and neighbors, which many of them are. We particularly enjoy seeing them succeed with their own businesses that we’ve helped with their logos. We like to say to our customers, it’s important to Promote Yourself!